Ten Ways To Make Him Want You

by admin on August 27, 2013

A man considers entering a relationship with a woman a huge step, as his decision could lead to a breaking of his heart if things don’t work. Because of this, men usual date women a lot before they make the bigger step. If they are in a relationship, they have to devote all of their time to one person and they could even think of spending the rest of their lives with the chosen woman. If you are a single woman, but you like a guy and you want to know how to make him want you, there are some psychological tricks that could raise his awareness of you and generate attraction between you two. If you are already dating him, it can be even better.

1. Lose the Memory of Your Previous Conversations Intentionally

In order to create more mystery and the impression that you are not desperate to have him, do not include anything from your previous conversations with the guy in your current talk. If you can make him have the impression you are not thinking of him when you are not together or talking, you will make him want you more in his life.

2. Don’t Rush Things

No matter if he has the desire to be with you or not, rushing things from your part will only make him reject the idea of being with you. People like things to be natural when love is involved. You just have to be patient and let things come naturally. If you can realize that he has feelings for you, you must be aware that he will ask you to be his woman when the time is right.

3. Dress In an Attractive Way

Men are really impressed by the way a woman looks and the way she is dressed. The right clothes can make any women more feminine and attractive. Warm colors and soft fabrics are recommended, as they can make you look sexier. Do not expose too much of your body, as you have to stimulate his imagination.

4. Feel Free to Express Your Feelings

You can express your feelings under certain limits, because if you do it too much, he could start to lose his interest. Tell him just enough to light the spark. Think well before doing this and if you really want him, because after you tell him how you feel about him, he may never want to let you go. If you really do care about the guy, whisper in his ears about it.

5. Respect His Freedom

Men usually have the need to go out with their male friends separately from their women. Just agree with this fact and let him feel free to do it. Even if he has female friends, he won’t do anything wrong if he truly cares about you. In time, he will feel more comfortable hanging out with you and he may take you everywhere he goes.

6. Make Attractive Gestures and Speak in a Romantic Way

Especially in the right environment, attractive gestures are very important. This could involve licking your lips, biting your bottom lip or crossing your legs. Also, if you talk to the man with a romantic voice he can feel more attracted to you involuntarily and it will not seem obvious. [wplapdance name="MakeHimDesireYou"]

7. Use the Best Perfume

The perfume you spray on you should be sweet and pleasant. The best could be one made of vanilla extract. If he comes to your place, you can light some incense that has an attractive scent.

8. Show Him that You Trust Him

Men are meant to be the leaders of a relationship. Give him the opportunity to feel that he is the leader, by supporting him and believing in him. Do not forget to make him feel that he is always the winner.

9. Loyalty Matters

If you really want to be with him, make him feel that he is the only man in your life. He doesn’t want to have competition. You can keep this in mind: do not do anything to him that you know it will hurt you, because men are hurt by the same things.

10. Touch Him As Much As You Can

Touching is the most important thing for creating attraction and sexual tension between two individuals of opposite genders. You can do it by placing your hand on his arm when you talk to him, taking his hand when you walk, or playing with his hair. Be careful not to make it obvious, but natural.

I hope these tips will help you make him want you.  If you want more great information on this you should check out Make Him Desire You.

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